Workforce Training

Why invest in Workforce training as an employer?

218% higher income per employee
24% higher profit margin
202% increased employee engagement
74% increase in employee retention

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Opportunities Available

Our expert Learning and Development and Business specialists at The Genesis Academy can provide your company with a thorough Organisational Needs analysis and training and development plan to scale your workforce for the best opportunities to provide training, upskilling and qualifications. Our delivery of bespoke training solutions has resulted in the following evidence-based benefits to employees.

  • Employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Communication and relations
  • Leadership and Management Skill Development
  • Increased psychological needs – competence, autonomy and relatedness

The benefits this can have on your business includes:

  • Reduced staff absence/sick days
  • Reduced cost of errors/miscommunications
  • Increased Employee productivity
  • Increased Employee retention
  • Increased profit margins

What type of training can be offered?

  • Whole workforce development/training i.e. H&S, First Aid, Manual Handling
  • Industry Specific Courses i.e. Sales and Marketing Training
  • Apprenticeships (150+ courses)

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