Who We Are

Advisory Board

Colin Davies – A business development expert, Colin provides strategy, support, direction and facilitation through all business functions and areas. This is evident through founding C21 group and being the CEO of The Genesis Enterprise Foundation.

Peter Hallam – Specialising in business accounting and finance, Peter’s ability to translate ideas into their monetary equivalent allows organisations and charities to identify profitable endeavors whilst adhering to their core values and beliefs.

Steve Holmes – With a vast array of business acumen, Steve’s entrepreneurial skills have allowed him to find, develop and organise successful charities and businesses, such as The Genesis Enterprise Foundation, which has been the catalyst for success business development, including Genesis Dental Care and Alfreton Hall, with an annual turnover of £8m. Steve also prides himself on pioneering and helping others to fulfill their direction, purpose and potential.

Martin Hodgkinson – A chairman to several charities within the East Midlands, including Lagat, Genesis Enterprise Foundation Ltd,  and previously Leap Ltd, Martin has a vast experience of strategic direction of charities and organisation in playing their full part in the community. Martin has provided Senior Director support in facilitating corporate, commercial and charity organisations to achieve high net worth value (£8m-£200m).

Leo Magee – An Influencer and Senior Commercial/Relationship Director with broad experience and a sustained record of success in the B2B and B2C Finance and Healthcare Sector. Leo has an extensive background in well-known corporate organisations, such as Lloyds TSB, managing complex business development projects to meet strategic objectives within critical guidelines.


Terry Eckersley is the former chief executive of YMCA in London, who received an invitation to meet the Queen for his work in London. Terry’s range of talents has seen him produce music reaching the BBC, SKY and ITV. Terry is now an international evangelist who speaks all around the world in schools, prisons and charities.

Phil Starbuck is a former professional footballer who started his career at Nottingham Forest under Brian Clough. He famously scored in his first two outings for Forest at the age of 18 against Liverpool and Newcastle United FC. His career saw him play 245 Football League games scoring 43 goals. Phil is now a national Church Minister and founder of the charity New4Old which provides free building works in the community.