KS4 – Revelation Programme

KS4 – Revelation Programme
24th October 2018 Jared Holmes
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‘Thousands of young people are turning to Childline for help as they struggle to cope with the pressure of exam stress’ (NSPCC, 2017).

Here at The Genesis Academy, we understand the pressures students face when building upto and completing their GCSEs. We also empathise with the increased stress schools, academies and local authorities are under to deliver results. Through the culmination of carefully tailored education programmes, we are able to educate and deliver qualifications suited to the specific needs of our diverse learners, whilst also being aligned to league tables and Attainment/Progress 8 for referral institutions.

The type of learners on our programme…

  • Disengaged from mainstream school – poor attendance, bad behaviour, high exclusions
  • SEN individuals and groups – ASD, Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD
  • Complex needs – mental ill-health, students in care, family dysfunction, bereavement.

The stories we hear…

  • I’m going to fail anyway, what the point?
  • I hate school
  • I don’t care about my education

Our Approach…

  • Systematic needs analysis (SEN, Family support, educational needs, emotional well-being, psychological needs)
  • Bespoke curriculum development and Individual Learning Plans
  • Small group classes and 1-1 support

Our Outcomes

  • 95% academic and vocational qualification pass rate
  • 75% re-integrated into mainstream school
  • 90% transition management into further education, employment (Apprenticeship or job) or training