Community Engagement

Community Projects and Events

At the heart of The Genesis Academy, we aim to provide opportunities for individuals from all walks of life, be that, ages, ethnicities, origins, nationalities, faiths, religions, creeds and colours. All of our community projects are based on three core values; love, equality and respect. Through these values we build our project ideas, models and delivery methods to help individuals play their full part within their local community. Not only does this benefit the community as a whole, but it facilitates all involved to collaboratively engage in meaningful ventures to develop vocational, social and personal skills whilst increasing networking opportunities and developing long-lasting friendships and relationships. Information below will provide insight into our governance and current projects and events on offer. We are continually aiming to increase our presence within the East Midlands through contracts, tenders, funding opportunities and partnerships.

Community Life Matters (CLM) Charity

As our vehicle for all public and privately funded projects, Community Life Matters continues to embrace opportunities to develop, grow and sustain social equality and community impact. This has been successfully achieved through the development of The Alfreton Vocational Academy, Childcare and Youth Building projects such as Alfreton Youth Hostel, and the regeneration and refurbishment of Alfreton Hall.

Mindfulness Masterclasses

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (William Shakespeare, 1599). In an ever-changing world, with increased stressors and demands, our minds can become observers to our environments without conscious thought. There is currently a huge boom for physical fitness, yet the recognition for our psychological welfare is one the media and general public pay significantly less attention to.

Our fully trained and certified Mindfulness Practitioners (IANLPC) can help you:
– reduce stress and worry in your daily lives
– reduce the prevalence/onset of anxiety and depression
– control though processes
– control emotions and feelings
– manage behaviour in your personal and professional lives

Check out our events section for the next Mindfulness Masterclass, which will be held at Alfreton Hall.

Build-A-Bike Project

Whats more fun than restoring a bike from ruins whilst making long lasting friendships on the way?! From September 2016, we will be running a weekly Build-A-Bike Project to support individuals to actively be involved in a meaningful, self-sustained and growth rich community engagement opportunity. Supported by local businesses and public services, lost, scrapped and recovered bikes will be restored and repaired to their former glory, and then sold on. This will allow us to generate profits for further growing our project to more regions and impacting more people in a positive way. Through actively being part in the production and manufacturing, parts, sales and marketing department, you will have an opportunity to play your full part in fantastic cause, whilst having lots of fun and making friends for life. Our project has attracted and been supported by individuals from all walks of life; CEO businessmen, police officers, school headmasters and ex-young offenders to name a few.

If you would like to take part, get involved, support, volunteer, fund or sponsor any of our upcoming events, please get in contact with one of the team, we would love to hear from you.