What is An Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom/blended learning giving your employees the foundation knowledge and first-hand experience to build their skills, whether they are existing members of staff or new employees to the team.

Why employ/train an Apprentice?

There are multiple benefits for your organisation and staff from receiving The Genesis Academy’s quality training;

1. More motivated
2. Increased productivity
3. Retention

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The Apprenticeship Levy has provided large organisations with the opportunity to up-skill new and existing staff with the skills and knowledge required to take these businesses forward.

We provide outstanding support to international PLCs and large organisations across the country through our range of programmes, including Leadership and Management, Financial Service, Digital, Professional and Accountancy Services, Technical Skills Services.

Did you know that only 8% of the Levy has currently been spent? Are you maximizing the money you contribute to the Levy?

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Non-Levy Company

If your payroll costs are less than £3m per year, you will not be a levy paying employer. The Government will fund 90% of the cost of an apprenticeship (and in some circumstances 100%), which will leave 10% of the remaining cost to be paid for by you.

Using The Genesis Academy as your training provider, we have vast experience of working with SMEs throughout the UK across a range of sectors and industries to onboard, train and educate Apprentices to expand your business through quality, productivity and creativity.

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