Alternative Education

Alternative Education

In every child, adolescent and young adult, there is a passion, a gift, a talent and a dream. This talent is a natural endowment that not only needs discovering, but enhancing and nurturing. However, because of the overwhelming pressures and strategic measures, not every young person thrives in the same environment. This can lead to student disengagement, discomfort and lack of development. Our passion is to partner with schools, academies, colleges and local authorities to re-energise and revitalise young people with a variety of needs (Complex Needs, Special Education Needs, Behavioural Issues, Psychological Issues) by offering them the chance to be part of our Specialist Alternative Education Program, The Genesis Academy, where we are a main provider for Vocationally Driven Qualifications accredited through Pearson BTEC and a variety of GCSE core subjects including :

Motor Vehicle
– Construction
– Hair and Beauty
– Catering and Hospitality
– Music and DJ
– Business and Entrepreneurship
– Creative Arts and Media
– Sport and Physical Education
– Independent Life Skills & Childcare
– GCSE – English, Maths, Science and ICT

* As part of our Alternative Provision programmes we place a high emphasis on mental well-being through our Mentoring Programme, which consists of every student being Mentored weekly by our BACP trained Counsellors and Mentors. 

The Genesis Academy Centres

The Genesis Academy Education & Training Centre in Alfreton, Derbyshire – In a prime central Derbyshire location, The Genesis Academy specialist Education & Training Centre (570m2) was awarded ‘Outstanding’ for facilities since being refurbished and re-purposed in November 2016, also gaining national recognition by appearing on the BBC News for our Grand Opening Day in November 2016. Formerly used by AVA (Alfreton Vocational Academy) in 2013, which trained 750 students per week, The Genesis Academy has re-designed and added specialist subject areas that help educate and train young people in many varieties of subject areas.

Partnering with The Genesis Enterprise Foundation (GEF), The Genesis Academy has all the extra exciting opportunities next door to The Academy for students to utilise, including; AEG Professional 6 Lane Bowling Centre, Professional American 8 table Pool Centre and Multi-Purpose Sports Hall and Fitness Centre.

Rosliston Forestry Centre in Swadlincote, Derbyshire – The centre is a hidden gem in the heart of the National Forest in South Derbyshire. The centre offers amazing scenery for quiet walks, as well as bike rides and falconry, also boasting expansive facilities to our Outdoor Sports Programme including action packed activities such as archery, laser games, orienteering and fishing. We also have an Education Centre within the site with over 5 different classrooms and Entertainment Centre.

Bonsall Camp – Located in the heart of the breathtaking, uncluttered countryside of the Derbyshire Dales. Found over 60 years ago, the centre is specialised for the advancement and development of youth in the UK. We have multiple large classrooms, multi-sports and catering facilities to tailor for the specific needs of The Genesis Academy.

Thrive Programme – KS2

At The Genesis Academy we pride ourselves on not only having outstanding facilities, but also having an outstanding Educational Programme. We have strategically created an adaptable curriculum to provide personal development opportunities, centred around psychology and behaviour management to help the most challenging students overcome their early life obstacles. Either through a half-day or full day educational programme, Key Stage 2 students have the opportunity to engage in a safe, secure and strategic specialist setting to achieve all that’s within them. Through our bespoke KS2 programme, students can be all that they were made to be by addressing their complex, educational and psychological needs on either a 1-1 or small group specialist syllabus. This includes;

•Students with Conditions such as ASD, ADHD and Aspergers
•Psychological Needs – emotional control, behaviour management, communication, discipline, speech therapy
•Educational Needs
– Dyslexia, SLD and Low Level Learners

The Thrive Programme partners with Primary and Junior Schools to help students who are struggling with Mainstream School for various reasons. Our Specialist Education Centres endeavour to help students with aforementioned needs to ‘Thrive’ in a smaller environment by students working closely with specialist staff to tailor a bespoke programme that meets the needs analysis of each student, with a greater emphasis on their mental health and well-being alongside their academic development. All KS2 students have the opportunity to learn more Vocational subjects alongside their core academic subjects to create an innovative bespoke timetable that young students love to be part of.


Revelation Programme – KS3 and KS4

Schools are doing their very best to deal with the ever expanding workload to teach, mentor and educate a diverse set of young people. However, with the increasing pressure to succeed in academic results, young people can become lost in such high pressured environments, and fail to develop their skills more broadly applicable to all areas of their lives. As a result, Ofsted (2015) identify that schools struggle to track individuals who are at risk of becoming NEET.

Specifically for this purpose, at The Genesis Academy we have set up the Revelation Programme. Our mission is to reach the vulnerable, behavioural and potential NEET students who would benefit from being involved in an engaging and personable Alternative Education environment. Our programme is an evidence-based, fully accredited course, designed to prepare young people for dealing with the present whilst developing character , wellbeing and skills for the future.

The Revelation Programme is a four strand provision consisting of:

Vocational Qualifications – Pearson BTEC and IMI Accredited Level 1/2/3 qualifications in a wide range of vocationally driven qualifications accredited through Pearson BTEC
GCSE Support• All subjects and courses at The Genesis Academy are accredited and strategically delivered to support students and partnering schools achieve their desired results
1-1 Counselling and Mentoring • support for breaking down barriers for achieving optimal wellbeing through our BACP Trained Counsellors and Trained Mentors.
Personal and Social Development • Bespoke workshops and focus groups for holistic development and growth


NEET Programme – 16-24 year olds

The current number of NEETs in the East Midlands is currently at 66,000 and is rising nationally (Nav Johal, BBC, 2016), meaning that more young people are Unemployed in the UK. (At The Genesis Academy, we aim to do things different from the norm by using people-centred approaches to developing our NEET provision. In 2016, Ofsted reports stated, ‘Schools and Post-16 providers do not have confidence in partnering with alternative providers due to a lack of accredited courses and poor quality provision’. Each and every individuals well-being and development is at the heart of what we do, therefore we undertake a thorough needs analysis process to identify the educational course (accredited by Pearson BTEC) most suited to their interests, whilst fully acknowledging the areas of additional support and services needed to help the individual maximise their wellbeing and holistic development, whilst providing them with the skills  and experience for further education, employment and training.

The ‘NEET Programme’ consists of the following:

• 6-24 week Pearson Accredited Level 1/2 BTEC Course gaining a BTEC Subject Specialist Award
• Weekly 1-1 Counselling and Mentoring support (BACP approved)
• 100 Hours Work Placement in chosen field with a view to Apprenticeship, Internship or Job
• Functional Skills Award in Maths, English and ICT 
• Employability skill progression and networking opportunities